Unicorn Drinks Liquid Glitter Phone Case | WATER

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Wonder how bottled unicorn tears would look like?

Got the new iPhone X or iPhone 8 model and want to dress it up in a super fun new case? 

Get into the spirit of the times and soak up the fabness of our new Unicorn Drinks iPhone Caseseries! 

Unicorn Drinks iPhone Case Dynamic Glitter Coffee Water Paris

Christen your new phone with 5 lusciously original designs to choose from. Get your Unicorn Water (Tears!) fix FRESH.

  • Back Protection + Dynamic Liquid Quicksand Design
  • Available for the latest iPhone models, including the iPhone X
  • Feel free to grab one or two for your BFFs -- makes the perfect gift for any occasion

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A post shared by Pacific Bling (@pacific.bling) on


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