Disney Iconic Donald Duck iPhone Case

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Mickey might have started "The House of Mouse" but to us, Donald Duck is perhaps the most iconic Disney character of them all. (That voice!) 

Thanks to the revival of Disney’s Ducktales, Donald Duck is back in action, and in a big way. While we love us some new-age Donald, our favourite vintage is old-school Donald. We will always love the squawky charm and joyful wackiness of the OG Donald.

Now you can relive the nostalgia anywhere, anytime with this iconic vintage-inspired iPhone case featuring one of Disney's most beloved cartoon characters. 

Donald Duck acting cute and silly


  • Opaque material features an iconic design suitable even for those who are adulting
  • Snug impact-resistant casing provides sturdy protection
  • Delightful vintage design evokes nostalgic memories
  • Share the fun by also getting one for your Disney-loving BFFs and family members


Donald Duck acting funny or silly

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