Candy-Coloured Mermaid Cellphone Case

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Do you secretly want to be a mermaid? Who wouldn't! But short of donning a fish-tail and living out the rest of our days under-the-sea, most of us look to find a happy balance. Beautiful things inspired by the carefree mermaid life are therefore must-haves!

Because here at Pacific Bling we live to please, we aim to bring you such amazing finds. From our trunkload of whozits and whatzits galore, we present to you our stunning mermaid scales-inspired phone cases!  

  • Hardback + Shock Proof + Super Light
  • Provides a polished, whimsical look that is suited for all occasions
  • Perfect gift for anyone who loves all things mermaid! 

This seriously gorgeous thingamabob will make you feel like Ariel in no time! Pure awe and wonderment!

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