Blue Whale-Riding Cat Glitter Phone Case

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Want to see something surreal? This cute phone case featuring a cat riding a blue whale under the sea has got to be the trippiest thing you’ve seen. That’s got to be the wildest road trip ever! 

Packed with high-definition dynamic glitter cascading through a liquid of dreams, this case is guaranteed to hold you in a trance. See how so much glitter comes tumbling down! 



  • Unique and Stunning Design - grabs attention due to its high-concept design
  • Sturdy Back Protection - provides solid coverage
  • Lightweight Material - made of transparent plastic that is resistant to impact
  • Flat Surface Workmanship - guarantees a smooth handling
  • Universally Attractive Design - Perfect gift for anyone who loves unique and fun cases
  • Suitable to the iPhone 6/6S/Plus, 7/Plus, 8/Plus, and X models

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