Who We Are

We find inspiration in the Fab Girlboss lifestyle and aesthetic.

So what's a Girlboss? In our view, it's anyone who's ever had to get a ton of things done--whether it be in business, at work, in school, or at home. She makes things happen and looks great doing it. Style is a core competency, and we girlbosses speak Glam.

We're not all glamazons, but we stand out nonetheless. We may not all be about the posh and polish, but we do like to dazzle. In fact, we were born to shine! 

We also believe that being fab and fierce doesn't have to clash with loving cute or quirky things. We're all about empowering women, but we're here to have some fun, too. 

Inspiration is our aspiration; it can never go out of style. So take a breather, come on in, and get your Fab Girlboss on!