Pink Ice Cream Sprinkles iPhone Case

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Sprinkle some fun and whimsy to your daily grind. This premium phone case will give LIFE to your days!


If you're looking for a phone case that is absolutely enthralling, look no further. This gem of a find features a high-gleam 3D sprinkle-filled cone that puts an ultra-stylish spin on a fun design theme. You're never too old to get ice cream on your phone, in the best way possible!

Don't miss out on this fantastic find. Have fun with it yourself or gift it to a loved one or friend. Watch them get mesmerized by the beads that run freely within the encased cone-head.


  • STUNNING & STYLISH - universally attractive design makes for the perfect accessory
  • SOPHISTICATED SWEETNESS - rolling matte beads set atop a Jackson Pollock-ish background make for a super fun design that is not over-the-top
  • STURDY & SOLID - opaque frame lends solid, protective back cover


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